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Aura and Space Clearing

IMG_0283Aura and space clearing can be accomplished in a number of ways. One easy and simple way is by using special herbs to clear the area. Herbs and incense have been used in this way for thousands of years. And for good reason. It works! One of the best, all around cleansers is a wonderfully fragrant herb that grows wild in many places here in the mountains and canyons of California is White Sage. White Sage has  long been revered by the native people due to the sacred qualities that the herb possesses and the spirit that overshadows it. The smell of White Sage being burned and used to smudge an area or an aura is so powerful that you may find yourself shifting into an altered state as the smell enters your lungs. I love the way it smells, but it is very strong. Some people may be repulsed by it, but that can be very telling in itself. It has been my experience that heavy smokers generally do not like the smell of it. Could it be that the frequency of it attempts to interfere with the habit of cigarette smoking, which causes initial discomfort to the smoker? Perhaps  sage could be utilized in some way to help overcome that addiction. The  vibrational frequency of this particular herb will dislodge and clear most negative energies very quickly. When a faster frequency energy comes into contact with a lower vibrating energy, the lower vibrating energy becomes dislodged, broken up, dispelled and cleared.

Calling Upon Angels


Calling Upon Angels

Angels, divine beings of love and light, are here at this time, in greater numbers than ever, to assist mankind in their evolution. As we face a time of great challenges and upheavals in our world today, seeing death, destruction, hate and war, we need to realize that we are experiencing a very important time in history.

Although, from our limited point of view things may appear negative, we are experiencing fundamental changes that will affect those who come after us for millennia. Behind the scenes, those of the Angelic Realm are working overtime to guide and shape our new world, our new lives.

It is at this exact time that as we are faced with these unpleasant worldwide events, we are forced to go within and truly re-examine our belief systems, our thought processes to see if we have somehow been incorrect or limited. Every news story we hear that effects us is another opportunity for us to re-evaluate ourselves, and therefore shift our consciousness into a higher level of truth and light. We cannot experience these profound shifts without affecting those around us, and our very world.

Our evolution has a primary focus now on heart activation. As we open our hearts more and more now we change. And what a gift it is. We can feel love to a much greater degree. We begin to love ourselves more, have more self acceptance, and then we have greater love, acceptance and tolerance for others. We begin to see and appreciate the beauty in all things rather than focus on the negative. Our eyes become opened, we become self-responsible, we truly are coming out of a darker age, into an age of enlightenment, but we have to see the old fall away in order to receive the new.

And so our Angelic Brethren are here now, assisting us, comforting us, providing a new energy that feeds us, that empowers us, that uplifts us in this great changing time, until we become strong enough to lift ourselves up, to sustain ourselves.

Ask for them, and they will come to you. Talk to them and they will hear you and respond. Ask from your heart for their help and you will receive it. Send love to them and you will receive it back ten-fold. How will you know that they can hear you? Oh, you will know it, just give it a try.

Some people feel a presence around themselves when they call upon Angels. Some may close their eyes and see one or many Angels surrounding them. Perhaps you will hear them speaking to you, or your mind will be filled with the answers you seek when you communicate with them. You may see them in your dreams or meditations. Perhaps you will begin to experience small or large “coincidences” in your life, and small or large miracles as well.

What is the best way to begin a deeper relationship with our Angels? Just ask, it’s that easy. Find some quiet time when you can spend a little time alone. Close your eyes now, and begin by focusing on your heart. Visualize a beautiful rose-colored light in the center of your chest, in your heart area. Begin to breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Begin to feel a warmth growing there now and you’ll begin to see that beautiful rose-colored light growing larger and larger. Now quietly say a prayer. Ask sincerely for love, and protection, and healing, and peace, and then ask humbly for the Angels that are here to work with you to come into your life. Express that you are willing and open to allowing them into your life.  And ask them to guide you, to show you what you need to know, to help  you grow, to become a better person. You will then begin to experience very profound changes in your life.

You will most likely find that you are by then engaging in an active communication with them. Always be sure to ask humbly for their assistance, and always let them know how thankful you are for their gifts.

There are two important laws at work here that I would like to mention to you. These laws will help you to attract Angels into your life.

First of all, “Please” and “Thank You” are two of the most powerful phrases we can use. When you ask, you receive. When you show gratitude, you are blessed even more.

And secondly, “Like Attracts Like”, which means that if you want to draw Angels into your life, begin by getting in touch with your own Angelic side. Begin living your own life as if you were an Angel, treating others gently and with        kindness. Wishing only the best for others, practicing “Non-Judgment”, and trying to somehow, every day, make this        world a better place.

How To Use A Crystal Ball

Fascinating information in this great video explains one way to accurately use a Crystal Ball. Meditation, Trance and working with the clients personal energy all assist in the Crystal Ball Reading. Throughout the ages seers have used this powerful divination tool to see the past present and the future. Learn the art of Scrying using a Crystal Ball.

Crystals and Meditation

Excellent and Relaxing Crystal Meditation. Just Relax and Let Yourself Go Into It While Gazing at the Beautiful Large Quartz Crystal Generator. Crystals are So Fascinating, To Look At, To Feel, To Hold. They are Healing, Comforting and Uplifting. Enjoy it Now…

Sungazing For Transformation – The Power Of The Sun

Sungazing has been practiced by ancient cultures for thousands of years, and is experiencing a comeback as of late.

You may have been taught that staring at the sun can damage your eyes. That may be a true statement, but this researcher and sun gazing enthusiast did his homework, and is sharing it here with you so that you can decide if the benefits received from sungazing are worth the effort and the risk.

One of the many fascinating facts that came out of this documentary is the fact that in the first 45 minutes after the sun rises, and the last 45 minutes prior to the sun setting, the Ultra Violet or UV Index is at zero.

You can even get a app for your phone or just go to the website on your home computer and check the UV Index at that time.

Most people who were interviewed in the documentary said that the reason that staring at the sun or Sungazing was dangerous was due to damage caused by Ultra Violet Rays.

The benefits from Sungazing range from increased physical health and vitality to Spiritual Enlightenment.